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Chin Surgery West Palm Beach

The shape and look of the chin is an important, gender-indicating facial feature; the chin is critical in reaching your facial gender confirmation goals. The position, shape, and size of the chin makes a huge different in how the neck and nose appear (as the chin balances the whole face).

More About Chin Surgery

Male chins are typically much more prominent than female chins: they are bigger, wider, longer, and squarer. Masculine chins also often have a flat base, while feminine chins are more delicate and tapered. Male chins tend to have more space between the lower lip and the bottom of the chin and, sometimes, male chins have a vertical crease in the center of the chin – known as a “cleft chin” – which is very uncommon in women.
The chin can be greatly modified – all of these features can be reduced and feminized at Ultra Aesthetics’s Florida premises.

How is chin surgery performed?

Dr. Jarial makes an incision in the mouth to access the chin – so there is no scarring from this procedure. The chin is shaved down to reach the desired height and then laterally sawed in two: the bottom-most part is cut off so that it can be repositioned to give a more feminine look (usually, it’s moved back to make the chin appear less prominent).

To reduce the width of the chin, Dr. Jarial can remove a small portion of bone from the centre of the chin. This method has the added benefit of making the chin appear more pointed and feminine looking (as well as narrower). Once the placement is as desired, the bones are fixed in place using plates and small screws.

Chin implants are used only very occasionally, as they add mass to the chin when, in a feminizing procedure, the aim is typically to take mass away. They are usually only appropriate when the patient has a very weak chin or an underbite.

What should I expect after my chin surgery?

After chin surgery at Ultra Aesthetics, you can expect to stay at least one night in a hospital (the length of stay necessary will vary from patient to patient). A compression bandage will be put over the chin for the first 24 hours and there will be some swelling and numbness, the majority of which will subside in seven to ten days.

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