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It is considered attractive to have voluminous, defined features on the face, but genetics and aging can undermine facial fullness. One permanent, cosmetic solution to this problem is a facial implant. While these implants are synthetic, they are biocompatible, allowing them to rest harmoniously against tissue to achieve a natural look and feel. Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial uses facial implants to correct a “weak” chin or jawline or to enhance gaunt cheeks.

Types of Facial Implants

Cheek Augmentation

With age, cheeks lose their youthful volume (sometimes referred to as “baby fat”). Some people never had the sharp, prominent cheekbones they have always wanted. Cheek implants not only help to make the face pop, they can also rejuvenate the face by making it appear several years younger.

Chin Augmentation

Part of what constitutes a well-proportioned face is a chin that measurably protrudes. Harmony is best achieved when the extension of the nose and the chin are in balance. A chin implant rests against the chin bone to achieve this harmony. Moreover, it can minimize the appearance of a double chin by creating more shape on the lower part of the face.

Jaw Enhancement

When a patient’s entire jaw lacks definition, a good solution may be facial implants that extend across the bottom of the face. It is especially favored by men who want to enhance their rugged handsomeness by creating a sharp line.

Facial Implant Procedure Details

Facial implants come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. During the consultation phase, Dr. Jarial helps patients to sort through the options to find the implants that best achieve their aesthetic goals. He can also simulate what the face would look like with the implant so the patient has realistic expectations.

Facial implants are an outpatient procedure. After the patient has received anesthesia, Dr. Jarial typically makes the incisions inside the mouth (which makes it easy to conceal the inevitable, light scarring). He then methodically inserts the implant(s) through these incisions and places it in the desired location to provide an appealing, natural contours.

Facial Implant Recovery and Results

Most patients need a week or two to recover before returning to work and normal activity. Patients should focus on resting and relaxing to accelerate the recovery and allow time for swelling and bruising to subside. Dr. Jarial recommends postponing vigorous exercise (walking is always fine since it boosts blood circulation) for several weeks so that the implant is not jostled while the tissue is actively healing.

The good news is that most facial implants are durable enough to last for decades if not a lifetime. As the patient gets older, however, the natural effects of aging may cause the implant to sag, at which point the patient may choose to perform revision surgery to reposition the implant or remove the implant entirely.

Facial Implants

Patients who want to enhance their face, including transgender patients who are undergoing gender affirmation surgery, regard Dr. Jarial as one of the foremost experts in facial implants in the West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale area. If you would like to discuss the benefits and details of a facial implant with this prestigious surgeon, please schedule a consultation by calling (561) 249-0390.

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