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FTM Bottom Surgery

FTM Bottom Surgery In West Palm Beach

Female-to-male bottom surgery works with your existing tissue to create a penis. The full procedure is called a metoidioplasty and Dr. Jarial offers one surgery in this category:

Mons Resection

A mons resection is, effectively, a procedure that moves the penis and scrotum forward to achieve a natural-looking penis (the created penis is often lower than desired and the scrotum may be between the legs). An incision is made, skin and fatty tissue from the mons pubis – the section immediately above the penis – is removed, the remaining skin pulled upward, and the incision closed. This lifts the penis to a more natural position and improves both visibility and accessibility. After a mons resection, you’ll be off work for a week, and it will take around four weeks for the majority of the healing to occur.

Bottom Surgery

An important final step in many transgender journeys, bottom surgery can be a key piece of the puzzle in expressing a physical gender that matches your gender identity. At Ultra Aesthetics in Florida, we offer a number of bottom surgery procedures along with a raft of other male-to-female and female-to-male options to help get you where you want to be.

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