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Mommy Makeover in West Palm Beach

Becoming a mother is often one of the most joyous events in a woman’s life. Pregnancy, giving birth and breast feeding the newborn baby are special occurrences that reveal the wonderful capabilities of the female body. However, these events also cause significant stress to the mother’s body and often create unwelcome changes, such as stretch marks and droopy breasts.

Dr. Ravider Jarial understands that these aesthetic imperfections often make mothers feel self-conscious and uneasy in various clothing styles and bathing suits. This is why he offers the comprehensive mommy makeover treatment — a procedure combination that can reverse the unwelcome effects of childbearing and restore a more youthful, attractive physique.

Mommy Makeover: Is It for Me?

You might be a mommy makeover candidate if you are not planning to become pregnant again. You should also have lost most of your baby weight, because a mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, this treatment can help remove excess skin and localized fat deposits from the abdomen, as well as repair torn abdominal muscles. As a result, the stomach appears smoother, and the prominence of stretch marks is diminished. In addition, mommy makeover can help restore a perkier, more youthful bustline. If your breasts have lost their volume, Dr. Jarial can also perform breast augmentation to restore your curvaceous appearance.

Because a mommy makeover is a highly individualized treatment, a personal consultation with Dr. Jarial is required to determine whether you are ready for it. However, some of the factors you should consider are your overall health, how much time has passed since your last pregnancy, and whether you have someone available to care for your children while you recover from your mommy makeover treatment.

Mommy Makeover: The Procedure

The precise surgical techniques performed and time spent in surgery will depend on the procedure combination you decide to pursue. Generally, a mommy makeover is performed under general anesthesia because it involves at least two plastic surgery procedures. In many cases, all of the procedures are performed as part of a single surgical session; however, sometimes Dr. Jarial recommends that the patient undergo a mommy makeover in several stages.

Depending on your aesthetic needs and wishes, Dr. Jarial might also recommend that you combine your surgical treatments with non-surgical procedures, such as laser vein removal and facial injectables. This procedure combination often helps achieve superb aesthetic outcomes, and it also helps maintain the beautiful results. Some of the more common treatments women undergo as part of the mommy makeover include:

After Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

If you had surgery performed on your abdomen and breasts, these areas will feel tight and swollen after you awaken from anesthesia. Although you will experience some discomfort, any pain will be managed with appropriate medications. During the first two weeks after your mommy makeover, you will have to avoid physical activities and focus on your recovery. Dr. Jarial highly recommends that you have someone else take care of your children during this time. After two weeks, any stitches and surgical drainage tubes will be removed, and you will be able to gradually resume light physical activities. Over the next few weeks, your incisions will heal, swelling will subside, and you will regain your strength.

The final results of your mommy makeover treatment will become visible within two to four months after your treatment, depending on the precise procedures performed. The results will be long-lasting, and they can be extended by non-surgical procedures.

Mommy Makeover Cost

Mommy makeover costs anywhere from $9,000 to $20,000 because the procedure combines several surgeries into one. The average cost for breast augmentation is about $4,500 to $5,000, and liposuction typically runs $3,500 or more. Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) may cost $7,000 or higher. Mommy makeover reduces the expense of all these surgeries by streamlining them. You only pay certain fees once, such as the surgeon’s fee, operating room expenses, anesthesia costs, recovery garments, and an overnight hospital stay.

Dr. Jarial will provide a personalized estimate after your consultation at Ultra Aesthetics that details your chosen procedures and their associated costs. Our West Palm Beach location offers financing options so you can have your mommy makeover surgery without breaking the bank.

Mommy makeover in West Palm Beach

Mommy Makeover Benefits

West Palm Beach mommy makeover surgery

The most significant benefit of mommy makeover surgery is that the combination procedure saves you time and money. You schedule one surgery, take time off for a one-time recovery, and pay a bundled price for breast surgery and body contouring. You can achieve your cosmetic goals faster with mommy makeover, and you don’t have to worry about recovering from one only to schedule another surgery a few months later.

Mommy makeover may reduce some risks because you go under general anesthesia once instead of several times. While the procedure and recovery process are more extensive, you may have a lower risk of fewer complications because you are having one surgery.

Combining breast surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, and other procedures provides more dramatic results than any of these plastic surgeries by themselves. You can achieve that wow factor by addressing drooping breasts, loose skin, and stubborn fat in one swoop. The results are long-lasting if you live a healthy lifestyle and do not plan on future pregnancies.

Many women find their clothing fits better after mommy makeover, and they have more confidence in their bodies. The procedure can enhance cleavage after pregnancy and breastfeeding for a youthful bust and remove stretch marks in the loose skin, such as the lower abdomen.

Mommy makeover is entirely customizable. Childbearing changes your body in unique ways, and you may desire an arm lift for upper arm fullness or buttock augmentation for lost volume.

Common Misconceptions About Mommy Makeover

Several myths are going around about mommy makeover surgery, such as only mothers may qualify. Despite the nickname for the combination approach, any woman with loose skin, sagging breasts, and other cosmetic concerns may have mommy makeover surgery. Childbearing is not the only cause of these issues. Natural aging, weight gain, and hormonal changes also affect the breasts and body. Having a child is not a prerequisite for mommy makeover.

Another misconception about mommy makeover is that you can achieve the same results with diet and exercise. While these lifestyle habits are essential to maintaining mommy makeover results and being healthy, you can’t get rid of loose skin with cardio and salads. You may lose weight and tone certain areas, but stubborn fat pockets will persist, and stretch marks, outstretched abdominal muscles, and sagging skin will remain. Additional weight loss may even worsen the appearance of loose skin.

Many women also think the recovery is going to be painful because mommy makeover combines several plastic surgeries. All invasive procedures cause discomfort and swelling afterward, but these effects are not as bad as you imagine. The healing process goes smoothly and quickly for most women as long as they follow the post-operative instructions from Dr. Jarial.

When Is the Right Time for Mommy Makeover?

The timing for mommy makeover surgery is crucial to both the results and safety. Your body needs time to recover after pregnancy and childbirth. If you breastfeed, you must wait until you wean because lactation alters the breast tissues. Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting six to 12 months after birth or three to six months after weaning for mommy makeover surgery.

Mommy makeover results are more transformative if you are close to or at your desired weight. It’s best to try to reach your goal size before the procedure.

The age of your children is another factor to consider. You won’t be able to lift and hold an infant or toddler for at least six weeks after mommy makeover. Mothers may want to wait until their children are older and more independent to have invasive plastic surgery.

Future pregnancies will impact your mommy makeover results. Dr. Jarial recommends women finish growing their families before considering mommy makeover surgery.

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Dr. Bennett invites you to learn how you can restore your pre-pregnancy physique by scheduling a mommy makeover consultation. You can set up your one-on-one appointment by visiting our contact page. During your consultation, our talented surgeon will listen to your concerns and aesthetic wishes, and develop a unique treatment plan that will help you realize your aesthetic desires.

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