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Forehead Contouring

Forehead Contouring & Reduction Procedure West Palm Beach

The forehead is a big and important facial feature. Ultra Aesthetics in Florida offers forehead contouring and reduction that can feminize a patient’s appearance by minimizing traditionally masculine features. In the forehead area, such features are:

  • Brow ridges – where the brow bone juts out above the eyes. Males can have quite prominent ridges where females typically have none.
  • Forehead-nose angle – this is created by the combination of the nose and the forehead. Large brow ridges sharpen the angle between the forehead and the nose, which looks more masculine – so reducing the ridges also reduces the angle and the masculine appearance.
  • Flat spot – the ridges of the brows can create a flat spot in between the two, which appears masculine.
    Forehead shape – female foreheads are typically have a more straight-up-and-down appearance, due to the lack of brow ridges, while male foreheads appear to slope back from the ridges.
  • Shadow casting – large brow ridges cast shadows on cheeks, making the eyes look smaller and more masculine.

How is the forehead contoured and reduced?

At Ultra Aesthetics, Dr. Jarial makes a small incision just into the hairline so that after the surgery, hair will grow through the scar and hide it. Once the forehead bone has been accessed there are a few options:

  1. In some patients, the bone is very thick and can simply be shaved down to create a feminine shape and appearance. This is only appropriate for around 10% of patients, usually those who have small brow ridges to begin with.
  2. The forehead bone may require shaving and filling: when the bone is shaved down and then filled in as necessary to create a smooth, round forehead. This is only used in patients who have a naturally large forehead-nose angle.
  3. The forehead may be reconstructed by removing the bone, reshaping it, and putting it back. This is the most common type of forehead contour and reduction procedure – and the most powerful.
  4. Sometimes the forehead needs to be filled during reconstruction to remove any bumps and get the desired straight-up-and-down appearance.

What should I expect after my forehead contouring and reduction?

You will likely spend the night after surgery in a West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale hospital being monitored. There will be some pain – usually for a few days – which can be managed with normal painkillers. Down time is typically one to two weeks. The most common side effects of forehead contouring and reduction are bruising and swelling, which should subside within a week or two (though can last up to two months). Forehead numbness is common and can last up to a year.

Benefits of Forehead Contouring

Some of the reasons patients choose to undergo forehead contouring include:

  • Achieving a flatter, more feminine-shaped forehead
  • Shortening the length of the forehead
  • Decreasing gender dysphoria
  • Boosting the patient’s mood and self-confidence
  • Permanent, natural-looking results
Forehead Contouring West Palm Beach

Candidates for Forehead Contouring

Forehead contouring is appropriate for patients who are unhappy with their existing forehead contours and wish to give the top portion of their face a more classically feminine appearance. To undergo FFS, patients should be non-smokers in good physical and mental health.

Not all patients who transition need or want forehead contouring. To learn more about the surgery and its benefits, patients should schedule a consultation with Dr. Jarial.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Jarial for Forehead Contouring

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Dr. Jarial is an expert in gender affirming surgery. Having studied facial anatomy in depth, he understands how to create feminine contours with minimal disruption to the skeletal structure. Furthermore, because he treats all his patients with kindness and respect, patients can trust that they will have a great experience throughout the entire process.

Forehead Contouring FAQs

Is forehead contouring safe?

Yes, Dr. Jarial does not perform surgeries that would be unsafe for his patients. Prior to surgery, patients undergo an X-ray to verify the distance between the brow bone and sinuses. This informs Dr. Jarial how far he can drop the bone without impacting other important facial anatomy. If necessary, he can recontour the frontal sinus bones for optimal results with minimal risk of complications.

Why is a man’s forehead shape distinct from that of a woman?

Brow ridges typically do not become prominent until a boy enters puberty. The increase in testosterone causes the forehead structure to enlarge in a similar manner to the jawbone. Consequently, the protruding bone makes the forehead appear more sloped.

Where are the incisions for forehead contouring placed?

Dr. Jarial places incisions either along or inside the hairline. Multiple factors go into this decision, including whether hairline adjustment is part of the larger FFS plan. Since the male hairline is typically less rounded and more prone to receding, many transgender women also choose to shorten the forehead by advancing the hairline. All appropriate options can be discussed during a consultation.

How much does forehead contouring cost?

The cost of this procedure depends on what aspects of the forehead are addressed with surgery and which surgical approach Dr. Jarial uses to best achieve the patient’s goals. After examining the patient’s facial structure, Dr. Jarial can devise a surgical plan that includes a quote. In many cases, forehead contouring is one of multiple facial feminization surgeries a patient undergoes to affirm her gender identity. Some health insurance plans cover FFS procedures like forehead contouring, so patients should check their individual policies to see what they are entitled to.

Does forehead contouring change the eyebrows?

While forehead contouring is concerned with changing the structure, angle, and size of the forehead, some patients also seek additional surgery to adjust the appearance of the eyebrows. Brow lift, a surgery that has traditionally been performed to rejuvenate the forehead, is also useful for transgender women whose eyebrows are lower. By elevating the eyebrows and enhancing their curvature, the eyebrows take on a more feminine appearance.

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