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Hairline Advancement & Brow Lift in West Palm Beach

The hairline is a critical part of facial gender confirmation. Masculine hairlines are typically further back than feminine ones, making the forehead look larger and more prominent. Feminine hairlines are usually an oval shape, while masculine ones are often rectangular or an ‘M’ shape. At Ultra Aesthetics, Dr. Jarial can bring your hairline forward and round it out to create a feminine-looking hairline.

More About Hairline Advancement

In Florida, hairline advancements are often performed in conjunction with brow lifts. Women tend to have higher, thinner, and more arched brows than men. A brow lift can feminize the brow line, raising the brows to a more feminine position on the face and shaping them accordingly, as well as opening up the eyes – making them look more feminine, too.

How are hairline advancements and brow lifts performed?

At Ultra Aesthetics, Dr. Jarial performs a hairline advancement by making an incision between the existing forehead and the hairline. The scalp can then be pulled forward accordingly, lowering the hairline. This procedure may be performed on its own or with a brow lift at the same time.

If hairline advancement is already being done, the skin on the forehead can just be lifted up and the brows repositioned. If the brow lift is being performed independently, Dr. Jarial will make a small incision in the hairline, so the hair will grow out through the scar and hide it. The brows can then be lifted and repositioned to give a feminine appearance.

What should I expect after my hairline advancement and brow lift?

Hairline advancements have minimal post-surgery pain, and any pain can easily be managed with regular painkillers. A night in a West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale hospital may or may not be required, depending on the individual and the number of procedures undertaken. Swelling and bruising around the eyes is very common, and it should subside within a week (and often less).

Brow lifts can cause temporary numbing of the scalp, this is nothing to worry about.
If a brow lift has been performed alone, there should be little-to-no visible scarring once the hair grows through, and down time will be minimal. If a brow lift has been performed along with a hairline advancement at Ultra Aesthetics, the down time is typically two to three days.

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