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Labiaplasty & Revision Labiaplasty in West Palm Beach

Many women experience discomfort and embarrassment due to labial changes caused by age, pregnancy and childbirth, weight fluctuations, and hormone changes. Excess tissue in the labia minora, or inner “lips” of the vulva, may cause pain and tug or twist during exercise or intercourse. Some women are self-conscious of their labia appearance and may also have itching or irritation due to hanging tissues that extend through the labia majora (outer lips). Our vaginal surgery specialist, Dr. Ravinder Jarial, offers labiaplasty to reduce these symptoms and restore your self-confidence during intimate moments.

What Is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty removes excess tissue from the labia minora to reduce its length and relieve symptoms. The most common type of genital plastic surgery, labiaplasty decreases the length of the labia minora so the tissues don’t hang below the labia majora. The procedure usually removes tissue but may also inject harvested fat from another body area or a hyaluronic acid filler to enlarge or reconstruct the labia minora.

Who Is a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty West Palm BeachIf you’re interested in labia rejuvenation, you may wish to increase your self-confidence and relieve symptoms or desire genitalia that matches your gender identity. Candidates generally need to be in good physical and mental health with realistic expectations for their results.

Candidates for labiaplasty may have medical or cosmetic reasons for pursuing genital plastic surgery. You may be unhappy with the appearance of your labia minora due to its size or shape. The hanging tissues may fall out of a bathing suit or cause a visible bulge (“camel toe”) in tight leggings or pants. Protruding labia may twist or tug when you jog, ride a bike, or have intercourse, causing discomfort. This issue may also pose a health concern because the area is more challenging to clean and may lead to urinary tract infections. Labiaplasty may be part of gender-affirmation surgery.

The Labiaplasty Process

Labiaplasty procedure West Palm BeachThe labiaplasty procedure requires local anesthetic with oral sedation or general anesthesia. There are two surgical techniques for labiaplasty:

  • Trim Procedure: This method excises the excess tissue from one or both of the outer edges of the labia minora, adjusting the inner lips to be in line with or inside the labia majora.
  • Wedge Procedure: The wedge method preserves the natural border of the labia minora and removes a pie or v-shaped piece of tissue to reduce the tissue length.

Labiaplasty may also involve enlarging the labia minora by using fat from a donor location, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injecting the cells into the labia. A hyaluronic acid filler is another option to enlarge the labia minora or labia majora.

The entire procedure typically takes less than two hours, and absorbable sutures are used to close incisions. Most patients report symptom relief, and labiaplasty has a high satisfaction rate.

Labiaplasty Treatment Areas

Labiaplasty focuses on the labia minora, but other procedures can address other areas of the vulva. Clitoral hood reduction addresses excess folds for a harmonious balance of the genitals and may be combined with labiaplasty. Labia majoraplasty concerns the hair-bearing outer labia that may be too large or hang down and cause discomfort or embarrassment.

Monsplasty reduces the “mons” or upper region of the vulva where hair follicles are present and removes excess skin and fat. Vaginoplasty repairs the vaginal canal or constructs the vagina for gender-affirming surgery. Non-invasive vaginal tightening may be an option with radiofrequency or laser treatments.

Revision Labiaplasty

A revision procedure may be necessary to correct unsatisfactory results from labiaplasty with another surgeon. The process may involve resecting more of the labia minora or removing scar tissue from the original procedure. Common reasons women require revision labiaplasty include:

  • Asymmetrical results
  • Painful scar tissue
  • Additional tissue removal required
  • Thick or bumpy scarring

You may need revision labiaplasty if your vaginal surgeon was too conservative with the tissue removal or used an outdated or incorrect technique for the procedure.

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