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Facial Feminization Surgery Softens Your Facial Profile and Structures

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The male and female genders have unique facial structures that make them look more masculine or feminine. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) alters these facial features to help transgender women look more like their true selves. The goal is to sculpt a more traditional female appearance with one or more procedures and non-surgical treatments. FFS improves the quality of life for people who struggle with being misgendered because their outward appearance does not match their gender identity. 

Ultra Aesthetics understands the hardships facing transgender and nonbinary individuals. Dr. Ravinder Jarial specializes in gender-affirming surgery, including facial feminization surgery and male-to-female and female-to-male top and bottom surgeries. Dr. Jarial studied under world-renowned craniofacial surgeon Dr. Ian T. Jackson, which makes him an excellent choice for transgender patients seeking FFS. Patient satisfaction is his top priority. 

How Facial Feminization Changes Facial Structures 

The male forehead and brow bone are about 4 millimeters bigger than in females, and the hairline is shaped differently for men and women. The brow sits lower in men, and they have a square jaw compared to the tapered chin of many women. The nasal bone is wider in male patients, and the angle of the nose and lip is longer. FFS addresses these issues by reshaping the bone structures, cartilage, and soft tissues to soften features. 

FFS procedures adjust or enhance the hairline, forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, chin, and neck to boost confidence and help transgender women feel more secure in their gender identity. Dr. Jarial will customize your gender affirmation surgery to move the hairline forward and reshape the brow bone to create a feminine contour. He may recommend adding volume to the cheeks and lips with injectables. Dr. Jarial can shave down the chin and minimize Adam’s apples to create a feminine facial profile and graceful neckline.

What Are the Benefits of Facial Feminization Surgery? 

According to a 2023 study published in the Annals of Surgery, gender-affirming facial feminization surgery improves the mental health and quality of life in transgender patients. This study is the first of its kind to measure the psychosocial results of FFS before and after surgery. Researchers evaluated 169 patients with an average age of 33.5 and compared their survey scores before and after surgery. These patients were asked the same questions 30 or more days before their procedure(s) and 10 weeks or longer after FFS. 

Transgender patients reported these improvements in quality of life after FFS: 

  • Less Anxiety
  • Less Depression
  • Increased Meaning and Purpose
  • Less Social Isolation 
  • Improved Global Mental Health

The study showed that gender-affirming facial feminization surgery improves the quality of life in numerous psychosocial metrics for transgender women. 

Schedule your facial feminization surgery consultation with Dr. Jarial in West Palm Beach, Florida. Contact Ultra Aesthetics at (561) 249-0390.

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