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How Long Do Facelift Results Last?

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Most patients who are considering plastic surgery start by conducting research to determine if surgery is a smart choice for them. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial appreciates patients who approach him with questions, because it is a sign that they are taking the decision to undergo elective surgery seriously. The duration of results is one of the factors prospective patients ask about most often during facelift consultations. In this blog, Dr. Jarial discusses what his patients can expect in terms of results.

Facelift Lasts Many Years

Due in large part to his advanced surgical techniques, Dr. Jarial can achieve rejuvenating changes that are visible on the lower face for around a decade or more — although results can differ from one patient to the next. Of course, the duration of the results is not the only relevant factor. Dr. Jarial takes pride in carefully repositioning the muscles and tissues beneath the skin so that the results appear natural rather than overly pulled and artificial.

The thing that all patients need to remember is that while facelift reduces visible aging, it does not halt the aging process altogether. Eventually, wrinkles will reappear, and jowls will round out a person’s jawline once again. The good news is that facelift patients should still look younger overall compared to their appearance if they never had a facelift. Some patients even decide to repeat facelift surgery 10+ years later so that they can maintain their rejuvenated appearance for longer.

How This Duration Compares to Alternative Facial Treatments

Many patients are attracted to minimally invasive procedures for their face, such as injectables or laser treatments. While these options are good ways to rejuvenate the face in the short term, they do not achieve long-lasting results — or results that are nearly as dramatic. Although recovery time is negligible to non-existent, periodic touchups every several months (or at least once year) are necessary to maintain the results.

Maximizing Facelift Results

Dr. Jarial strongly recommends that his facelift patients prioritize the health of their skin so that they can enjoy their results for many years to come. His advice includes:

  • Staying hydrated all day by drinking plenty of water
  • Applying moisturizer every day
  • Rejecting smoking, including cigarettes, cigars, and vaping
  • Avoiding the outdoors during the midday when the sun’s UV rays are most potent, and protecting your skin with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen when going outside during the daylight
  • Keeping a healthy, consistent weight (weight fluctuation can accelerate skin laxity)

Plan for Facial Rejuvenation

If knowing that facelift is a sound investment that produces long-lasting results has made you more confident in your resolve to have plastic surgery, your next step is to schedule a consultation with an outstanding doctor. To schedule a consultation at Ultra Aesthetics in West Palm Beach, please call (561) 249-0390

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