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How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

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Before having a cosmetic procedure, most patients ask about the duration of the results. This is a valid question that allows patients to set realistic expectations and also to see the value in the surgery. After all, a surgery with long-lasting results is a smarter investment than a treatment with a shorter duration.

When it comes to Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Ravinder Jarial is pleased to inform his patients that the results can be permanent. However, there are some caveats, which Dr. Jarial outlines below.

Long-Lasting Butt Augmentation Results

BBL is a fat transfer surgery that harvests fat cells from an area like the hips or abdomen where fat is in abundance and then grafts it to another area where fat is more appreciated. For BBL, Dr. Jarial can mold a larger, shapely backside with the patient’s own fat.

Admittedly, not all fat cells survive the grafting process. However, because the body recognizes its own cells, most fat cells have no trouble prospering in their new location. Once in the buttocks, these transferred fat cells act like fat cells would in any other part of the body. This means that they expand when a person gains weight, and they also shrink when the person loses weight.

Hence, indefinite BBL results are mainly dependent on the patient keeping a steady weight. Those who want to keep their new augmented contours for as long as possible should try to avoid significant weight fluctuation. That is why Dr. Jarial recommends being close to your goal weight when you have the surgery.

Other BBL Considerations

As the body ages, it is subject to a variety of changes. While BBL is not dramatically affected by aging, it is still susceptible to changes like skin laxity. As collagen and elastin production declines, the skin around the butt gradually loosens, causing the butt to look a little more deflated in shape.

Metabolism also slows with age, which makes people more susceptible to weight gain. Since different bodies carry weight in different places, some BBL patients eventually find that their proportions are not the same once they put on weight around the midsection. Patients who become dissatisfied with their body shape due to weight fluctuation have the option of repeating BBL to reattain their preferred proportions.

Speak to a Top Body Contouring Surgeon

Finding out that BBL produces mostly permanent results is a great selling point for this cosmetic enhancement. If you would like to learn more about BBL to give your backside attractive volume, please call (561) 249-0390.

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