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Ways to Feminize Your Face with FFS

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Facial feminization surgery (FFS) is a common component of a larger gender affirmation plan. If you wish to diminish some of the more traditionally “masculine” traits on your face, you should seek out a plastic surgeon who specializes in this type of care to attain the best results. In West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale, there is no better surgeon for FFS than Dr. Ravinder Jarial. Here, he shares some of the ways he can make your face look more feminine.


On average, a woman’s nose is narrower than a man’s, with a nasal tip that projects slightly upwards. Dr. Jarial uses Piezo ultrasound technology to perform a less invasive method of rhinoplasty (and can combine traditional rhinoplasty techniques as necessary) to give your nose a more delicate appearance. 


Women tend to have cheeks that are higher, rounder and fuller than men’s cheeks. If your cheeks are not as prominent as you would like, you can augment them. Dr. Jarial can plump the cheeks with dermal fillers — a quick treatment that can last a year before further injections of Juvéderm are necessary to maintain the results. For permanent results, you may decide to use silicone implants to create feminine, attractive cheekbones. 

Jaw and Chin

A male jawline is generally longer and more angular with a squarish shape. To feminize your jawline, Dr. Jarial can perform mandible contouring, which shaves the bones down to create a softer and rounder shape. Surgery is performed through the mouth, which avoids visible scarring. A similar technique can be used to shave down the chin to give it a softer, less prominent look.

Adam’s Apple

If you have a noticeable Adam’s apple that masculinizes your neck, tracheal shaving can reduce the protrusion to achieve a smooth, feminine neck shape. This minimally invasive procedure removes excess cartilage without affecting the voice box or vocal cords.


Many men’s faces have a bone just above the eyebrows, which creates a masculine-looking ridge. Dr. Jarial can remove, reposition or shave down this bone to give your forehead a flatter, more feminine appearance.  


A woman’s hairline is usually further forward on her scalp than a man’s (even before male pattern baldness takes effect) so advancing the hairline is an effective way to help feminize the face. Fortunately, this does not require hair transplant surgery. Dr. Jarial uses a technique that removes some of your forehead and pulls your scalp forward so that your hairline sits closer to your brow. 


Juvéderm injections use volumizing hyaluronic acid to give your lips a pillowy fullness that is distinctly feminine.  

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