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What Kind of Improvements Can You Achieve with Rhinoplasty?

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Rhinoplasty is an extremely customizable surgery, which is why it consistently ranks as one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the country. Throughout his career, Dr. Ravinder Jarial has performed many nose reshaping surgeries, but no two have been done exactly the same. In this blog, he describes some of the many changes that are possible with rhinoplasty.

Flattening Your Bridge

A hump or bump on your nose may not be a health concern, but it can be a prominent trait that makes you feel insecure. By shaving off a small amount of bone and cartilage, Dr. Jarial can give your nose a smooth bridge.

Straightening Misalignment

If you have a crooked nose, either genetically or from an injury, rhinoplasty can resolve this problem to create a centered and symmetrical appearance.

Resizing Your Nose

If your nose is disproportionately large or small compared to your other facial features, it can affect the balance of your face. In most cases, Dr. Jarial removes some bone and cartilage to make the nose smaller. However, he can also enlarge the nose (usually for male patients) with grafting techniques.

Reprojecting Your Nasal Tip

In addition to improving the shape of the nasal tip (to prevent it from looking too pointy, round, or flat), Dr. Jarial can also alter the angle at which the nasal tip points. Most women prefer a nasal tip that projects slightly upward, while men want a nose that points straight forward.

Correcting Your Nostrils

Whether you feel your nostrils are too big, too small, too wide, or too narrow, Dr. Jarial can give the nostrils a different appearance with a few different techniques. Often, Dr. Jarial removes a trace amount of tissue to achieve his desired look, but repositioning the nasal tip can have a similar effect in some cases.

Improving Your Breathing

Most nose reshaping surgeries are cosmetic in nature, but rhinoplasty can also be functional. By straightening a deviated septum, Dr. Jarial can make it easier for air to flow through your nose, thus achieving better breathing.

Meet with a Top Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jarial is a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach, Florida with a reputation for providing outstanding patient care and results. During a consultation, Dr. Jarial will listen to all your specific requests for your nose and devise a unique surgical plan that best fulfills your goals. To schedule a consultation, please call or text (561) 249-0390 today. 

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