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When Is it Necessary to Combine Breast Lift with Breast Implants?

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Breast surgery can give you the breast size and shape you’ve always dreamed of or restore your breasts to their prime condition after aging, pregnancy, and breastfeeding have exacted their tolls. Whether breast augmentation or breast augmentation with mastopexy (breast lift) is right for your needs depends on your anatomy and skin quality. Dr. Ravinder Jarial is an experienced breast surgeon who can determine if you should combine breast lift with breast implants to reach your cosmetic goals. 

Breast augmentation restores lost volume or increases the natural breast size with breast implants. Breast lift reshapes the breast tissue, removes excess skin, and adjusts the nipple position and size. Breast lift and breast augmentation may be necessary to address sagging, deflated, uneven, or misshapen breasts. 

Breast Implants & Breast Ptosis 

Breast ptosis (drooping) is a natural part of aging, but pregnancy and breastfeeding can speed up the effects of gravity and skin laxity. Saline, silicone, and gummy bear breast implants may improve mild ptosis by filling the upper portion of the breasts and slightly elevating the breast tissues. However, moderate to severe breast drooping requires a breast lift to prevent breast implants from pulling on the sagging tissues even more. 

Adding breast lift to your breast augmentation elevates drooping tissues and reduces and repositions the nipple-areolar complex. Women with this combination breast surgery typically require smaller implants because the breast reshaping and youthful placement also increase cup size. 

The Pencil and Pinch Tests for Sagging Breasts 

There are two methods to identify drooping breasts at home: 

  1. The Pencil Test: Lift your breasts with one hand and place a pencil in the natural breast crease, release the breast tissue, and then let go of the pencil. If your breast tissue holds the pencil in place, you likely have some degree of breast ptosis. Pay attention to where your nipple falls in relation to the pencil. If the pencil is the same height as the pencil, then you have mild breast drooping. If your nipple or the nipple and most of the breast tissue falls below the pencil, then you have moderately to severely sagging breasts. 
  • The Pinch Test: Use your opposite hand to cup your breast. Place your ring and middle fingers in the breast crease and your thumb on the upper breast. Bring your thumb down to the front of your breast to meet your fingertips and pinch the breast skin between them. If your thumb is touching above the nipple, you likely have significant sagging.

These tests can help you identify sagging breasts but won’t tell you if you need breast lift combined with breast augmentation surgery. The only way to determine your breast surgery needs is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jarial.

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