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When Is the Right Time to Have Breast Lift?

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Over 100,000 American women choose to have breast lift each year to counteract breast droopiness. Because he is a leading breast expert, Dr. Ravinder Jarial is the plastic surgeon of choice for many of these women who reside in and around West Palm Beach. During the consultation phase for breast lift, women often ask Dr. Jarial whether it is too soon or too late to have the plastic surgery. Here, Dr. Jarial describes the life milestones that lead many of his patients to opt for breast lift.

Having Children

Breasts change significantly throughout pregnancy. While the baby is in utero, the breasts enlarge to prepare for nursing. Typically, the breasts return to their original size once the baby is done breastfeeding. Alas, the skin that stretched to fit over a woman’s larger breasts may not retract to its original size. Consequently, the breast tissue droops lower along with the skin, giving the breasts a saggy appearance.

That is why women who have had a baby (and finished nursing) are a leading demographic for breast lift. Dr. Jarial suggests that his patients wait until their family is complete (i.e., until they do not intend to get pregnant again) to have breast lift since another pregnancy is almost certain to undo the results of the surgery. 

Weight Loss

After a woman loses a substantial amount of weight, she may discover that her skin does not snuggly hug her new body contours. This occurs because skin that stretched to fit her larger proportions may no longer be elastic enough to snuggly hug her new contours. While this can occur in many areas of the body, the breasts are especially susceptible to loose skin. Unfortunately, loose breast skin inevitably contributes to breast sagging. Accordingly, a woman who has lost weight looks fitter but also possibly older due to premature breast drooping.

Breast lift is the best solution for returning the breasts to a higher position on the chest. Young women who have completed a weight loss journey often choose breast lift so that their body better reflects their true age.

Onset of Menopause

Around the time that a woman stops ovulating, her body’s estrogen production declines. Because estrogen is pivotal in keeping skin elastic-like, this hormonal change causes the breast skin to gradually loosen, which again contributes to breast ptosis. Women in middle age who still wish to maintain youthful breasts find that the most successful approach is to remove this loose skin so that the breasts can be re-elevated despite a drop in estrogen.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Jarial

Although this blog outlined three common times that women have breast lift, the “right” time for you to seek breast lift is any point at which your breasts have visible sagging that you would like to correct. Depending on your health or the condition of your breasts, you could be a candidate for this surgery in your 20s or your 60s. To learn more about breast lift and whether you can currently benefit from the surgery, ask a leading plastic surgeon by making an appointment at Ultra Aesthetics. Call (561) 249-0390 today.

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